Terms and Conditions


Arrival and Collection Times


Arrival and collection times are strictly by appointment only, between 09.30 am and 5.00pm. 

We do not accept arrivals or collections on Sundays and have limited opening times on Bank Holidays.    Please take this into account when booking your dates with us.  Sundays will be charged for if your bunny is staying with us on those days.  Please remember to make a note of the arrival and collection times you have put on your booking form as it is very easy to forget once you have sent the form off.  I would very much appreciate it if you could be as prompt as possible as we do lead busy lives and need to arrange these times around other things.

If you are likely to be delayed for the collection of your pet please advise us as soon as possible.   Should the collection move back to a later date (and we have room)  then the additional boarding fees applicable will be payable upon collection.   

In the event of an animal not being collected within 7 days of the due collection date (unless prior arrangement has been made) we reserve the right to re-home the animal, and any fees incurred as a result of the re-homing process plus the fees for the extended stay at Cottontail Lodge are payable in full by the owner.


Minimum Charges

 We make a minimum charge of 4 days per booking between 15th September through to 14th June.  Anything less I’m afraid is not cost effective.  The exception during this period is Christmas – when our minimum booking is 5 days -  no later than 1.00 pm on the 23rd and no earlier than 11.30 am on the 27th December.  We will not accept arrivals or pickups between these hours/days.  The reason for this is simply that we would like to celebrate Christmas with our family too and would like as little disturbance as possible during that period


15th June through to the  14th September – we make a minimum charge of 7 days.   This is our busiest period and therefore gets booked up very easily, usually with 7 - 16 day bookings.   It is not cost effective to take a short booking during these dates



Booking and Payment


Once you have checked with us that we have availability,  a £20 non refundable deposit per accommodation booked is required (this will be deducted from your balance).    We will hold the booking for you for up to 7 days only to allow you to arrange your deposit by bank transfer and booking form.  The booking form can be completed online and emailed across to us or popped into post.  The booking is only confirmed once we have received a booking form and deposit.  Just a deposit on its own is not sufficient to hold the booking.  I do need a booking form also.    If we do not hear from you by the 7th day,  your booking may not be valid and may be offered to someone else. 

We would prefer all payments (deposits and balances) to be made by bank transfer if at all possible.  Please ask me for details when making your booking.  There are a few people who do not do online banking, but a bank transfer can be made at your branch or over the telephone if this is the case.  If this still proves to be a problem please contact me to see if we can make other arrangements.    No cheques will be accepted on the day of arrival. 

Please see note below on cancellations and payments.


**Please note that if you arrive with your rabbit(s) and payment has not been received by us, we reserve the right to refuse to board your pets even at that short notice**.



 It is a requirement of Cottontail Lodge that your rabbit(s) are vaccinated against Myxomatosis, Viral Hemorrhagic Disease (RVHD) and  RVHD2 also.  You will be asked to produce a current certificate of vaccination before boarding.  This will need to be done at least 3  - 4 weeks prior to boarding with us if they have not had the vaccinations before or if they have lapsed and are out of date.  If they are to receive their booster within their due dates there will be no problem boarding your rabbits.  This is to help ensure the safety and well being of all our visitors.  No current vaccination certificate -   No boarding.



 It is a requirement of Cottontail Lodge that all rabbits, regardless of sex are neutered before being boarded with us.  If your rabbit has not been neutered due to health reasons, please do not hesitate in contacting me to discuss.



On the day of arrival your rabbit should be in good health.  If any rabbit shows signs of illness, disease,  or an injury not notified to us beforehand, we reserve the right to refuse to board your pet – so please make sure you have either thoroughly checked your rabbit or had a vet check them out if you think something may not be quite right – no matter how small  and notify us in advance please.  You wouldn’t want to miss your flight or holiday if we refused to board them.   I am sure you will all appreciate that we cannot put any other guests at risk. Therefore we will refuse to board your pet if we feel that there may be a risk of contagion to our other guests and we will still expect payment for the late cancellation if you haven’t notified us in good time before arriving.    If your rabbit  suffers with a sticky/ messy bottom (this is usually due to diet and being overweight, so should be addressed), please clean thoroughly, trim or have your vet shave fur around the bottom  a day or two before arriving please.  This is especially important if your booking is within the warmer months.  This will lessen the likelihood of flystrike.  The same goes for mites – if you suspect your rabbit is scratching more than normal, excessively shaking its head or appears to be suffering from 'dandruff' please check with your vet and obtain a suitable treatment prior to boarding with us please (bearing in mind some treatment is over a 6 week period).  If your rabbit has had a previous episode of E.Cuniculi or a suspected episode in the past and has recovered, please treat your bunny with a 9 day course of Panacur prior to boarding with us.  You wouldn't want the stress of the journey or change of housing to bring about another episode and neither would we.  Your rabbit could very possibly be hospitalized at the vets to prevent any cross contamination with other guests.  This is costly so please do be prepared.


If your rabbit shows any signs of a head tilt, rear end paralysis or incontinence please see your vet as soon as possible as we cannot board a rabbit displaying those symptoms until fully treated .


Should any rabbit show signs of illness whilst in our care we will do our utmost to contact the owner in the first instance then we will seek our own vet’s advice.  If necessary our vet will administer treatment and may even need to hospitalize your rabbit.   The cost of which is to be paid for by the animal’s owner over the telephone to our vet with a credit or debit card or on their return .  Please be aware that we may well need to contact you while you are away  if the vet feels they wish to discuss the treatment with you.  If it is not possible to make that contact, you will need to make sure your emergency contact has your full permission and can make these important decisions on your behalf.

If your rabbit is taken ill whilst in my care,  I will ensure it is taken care of by either our vet or your own vet (if your vet is local to us) as soon as possible.  Obviously whatever I am doing has to be put on hold if I have to make an emergency vet visit.   There will be times when this may be extremely difficult to do.  Therefore, in those very rare occasions (and it hasn't happened yet)  I may have to contact your emergency contact to help out.  This is something you do need to be aware of and prepare for.  So please always make sure your emergency contact is someone who can and is willing to help out in an emergency.  If for some reason there is no emergency contact, or they can’t help and I am left with cancelling something very important you will be charged for the inconvenience factor – depending on how long the care takes etc. the charge could be between £25 - £50  depending on how long I am required to spend dealing with the problem.  However, this would only happen in very extreme circumstances, for example a wedding, special birthday celebrations or illness etc.

 Whilst the greatest care is taken by Cottontail Lodge with the welfare of all its guests, and we will take every precaution necessary to safeguard your pet(s) at all time, your rabbits are left at Cottontail Lodge entirely at their owner’s risk.


Christmas Bookings

 We are not open for Christmas and New Year every year.  Please check with us in advance to see if we are opening that particular year.  Our charges are higher for this period of time so please take a look at the Christmas /New Year prices before booking.


 Please provide as much notice as you can should you require any changes to your booking.  We will, wherever possible try to accommodate those changes.  However, if you need to cancel your booking please try to give us as much notice as possible so that we can try to re- book the space.  If you have booked only 1 accommodation and  the cancellation is 14 days or more before arrival date then there will be no further charge.   Cancellations of 13  days or less before the due arrival date will result in 50% of the balance due to us.  

If you have booked 2  accommodations and the cancellation is 21 days or more before arrival date there will be no further charge.  Cancellations  of 20 days or less 50% of the balance will be due to us. 

 Please remember the deposit is non refundable and If you have to cut short your holiday or we have to return your rabbit to you before the expected date of collection (due to it becoming ill, not settling and getting distressed or you requesting your rabbits return early) we cannot refund any of the boarding fees as it would be too short notice to rebook the accommodation. 


Death of a pet

 Hopefully this is an occurrence that will never happen, but it is a known fact that small animals can pass away quite quickly after showing the first visible signs of illness, and sometimes without any real signs at all. This would be very distressing to both us at Cottontail Lodge and the owner, and every care and respect would be taken at this time with your pet.  Unfortunately we do not have the facilities to hold your pet until your return, so they would have to be taken to our Veterinary Surgeon’s practice where they will await your instructions.  There may well be a charge for this service.










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