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Katie G - 5th August 2020

I have just picked up my bunnies after they had a short stay with Sue at Cottontail Lodge . The rabbits have been beautifully cared for in the most luxurious rabbit only environment I have ever seen . Sue has a wealth of experience with rabbits and is incredibly knowledgeable about their care and health. We were over the moon to see daily updates of our boys and how they are getting on , such a lovely special touch. The boys have come home calm and relaxed having had a wonderful time . If you want the most amazing bunny boarding then Cottontail lodge is the place for your bunnies . Thank you so much , just fabulous 🤩

Sam L - 14th September 2019

I was so anxious about leaving my babies for 2 weeks, but as soon as I met Sue I knew I had made the right decision, she has a lovely set up, the pens are immaculate and Sues passion and knowledge for bunnies shines through. I had regular lovely pictures of my happy babies and the cutest video of them that I have shown everyone whether they want to watch it or not!! Cannot recommend Sue enough, already booked the ‘Burrow’ for next March 🐰🐰x 5* boarding x

Fiona P - 9th August 2019

I cannot recommend Sue and Cottontail Lodge enough, Sue is knowledgeable and leaves you feeling confident that your rabbits are going to be well looked after, the housing and runs are impeccably clean and well kept. Will be returning next year hopefully


Jayne C - 3rd July 2019

My bunny has just stayed with Sue for just over 2 weeks. This was the 1st time he’d ever had to go into boarding, and I was hugely anxious. From the moment I met Sue she instantly put my mind at ease. Harry (bunny) wasn’t particularly thrilled with his visit, with it being his 1st; but Sue went above and beyond to settle him in.
I couldn’t recommend Sue highly enough. The bunny lodges are outstanding and cater to all their needs.
I’ll definitely be booking with Cottontail Lodge Rabbit Boarding again.


Jenny L26th April 2019

My year old, cheeky bun, Twig, spent a week at Sue's in March. Knowing her quality of care (my aged boy, Max stayed with her when he was a very old boy) I knew Twig would be in expert hands. The standard of accommodation is extremely high as is the attention buns get when staying. Sue monitors behaviour carefully so that your bun has a 5* holiday and sends photos so you can keep up to date with how they are. I can't recommend Cottontail Lodge highly enough.


Victoria S12th March 2019

Our bunnies have just stayed with Sue for the first time and they had a lovely little holiday. They settled with no problem at all and were looked after amazingly. I can't fault Sue at all she has given me a lot of advice for which I'm so grateful for. We have another 2 holidays booked for our bunnies this year. 5* boarding.


Charlotte T12th January 2019

I would highly recommend Cottontail Lodge- Nibbles and Tinks have had a lovely holiday, so much so they didn’t want to leave! The set up there is brilliant and Sue is clearly very caring and dedicated. It’s also great getting photos of them whilst you’re away.
Would not hesitate to bring them back, thank you!



Joanne H  -  30th December 2018

I left my Rabbit for the first time with Sue over the Xmas period and was worried as Harriet is nearly 7 and quite a nervy little girl.  The pen she stayed in was lovely, it was spacious and clean she had toys and lots of hay - everything a bunny could ask for, Sue has a huge amount of knowledge regarding rabbits and gave me some very good advice especially regarding her diet, she spent a lot of time with me and nothing was too much trouble. Thank you so much Sue for all your help, Joanne x


Caroline C  -  12th December 2018

I would highly recommend Cottontail lodge! Sue is so experienced and has so much knowledge on rabbits.
The pens are amazing with lots of toys indoors and outdoors. 
My boys looked so happy in the daily Facebook photos.
Sue is patient with your rabbits and you can clearly see she loves them.
I would love to bring mine back here next time.
Thank you so much Sue xx


Jean G - 20th July 2018

I was getting upset and worried about leaving my 5 bunnies, especially as I have a little disabled nethie with 2 splayed legs.  He needs help cleaning himself.  Over the last 8 years my bunnies have been cared for by friends and family but I thought it was not safe to leave them now as I have 5.  I visited Sue and knew immediately this is for my bunnies.  I booked them in July.  They were so well cared for and I received posts of them daily.  They are booked again for August and again for next year too.  That is now their holiday hotel for the future. 

I cannot praise Sue enough and now enjoy my holiday without the constant worry, although I do miss them dearly.

Elaine E - 23rd June 2018

I was so worried about having to leave my boys for 11 days, but they loved it at Cottontail Lodge.  They were so well looked after and loved every minute of being there.  Will definitely be booking in for next year if not before.


Melissa M -  16 June 2017

I cannot recommend Cottontail Lodge more highly. The care received by my bunnies is second to none.  Sue treats all her guests as if they were her own and this shines through.  It is so reassuring to know that whilst we are away, our bunnies are being so well looked after. Sue has a wealth of knowledge and experience, knowing my beloved bunnies are in such good hands takes a lot of the worry out of going away.

The accommodation is always spotlessly clean, safe, airy and spacious, with lots of things for them to explore and play with. Lots & lots of excellent quality hay is always available, along with fresh veg fed in accordance with their usual diet.  I suspect that my bunnies don’t want to come home! The updates and photos are so welcome too!  Thank you Sue for looking after Boris & Bonnie so well x.

Cate P  -  4 June 2017

My bunnies thoroughly enjoy their hols at Cottontail. So well looked after - professional, friendly and luxurious accommodations! Now I plan my holidays around when Sue can have them as the primary consideration..... Nothing can buy the peace of mind knowing that they are in the best hands when I'm away. Plus I always feel I learn something new each time to keep the critters happy and in tip top condition!


Katherine B  -  1 June 2017

My rabbits have stayed at Cottontail Lodge on many occasions. I always go away knowing that they are in excellent hands and being well looked after.

My male rabbit, Hazel, has a history of gut stasis. He had one episode whilst with Sue when I was away, she got him to the vets promptly and, more than 2.5 years on, he's still going strong. He hasn't had an episode since, although he's now on his third 'wife'.

The accommodation is clean, well maintained and has plenty to amuse the bunnies. I would recommend Cottontail Lodge to anyone.

Fiona W31 May 2017

"Peter Rabbit and Smudgie have been regular visitors to Cottontail Lodge since January 2014.  They love their holidays with Sue and always settle in happily, enjoying the outstanding facilities available at the Lodge.  When I am away from them, I enjoy catching up with their activities on Facebook and looking at their holiday photographs.  Peter Rabbit and Smudgie were originally bought for our daughter and we had very little knowledge of how to keep the bunnies in the best of health.  Sue has given us so much useful advice with regard to rabbit care and diet; indeed, when Peter Rabbit developed head tilt last November, she saved his life by telling me exactly how to nurse him.  Our vet also played a part but it was Sue who passed on vital information that kept him alive.  If you are looking for a rabbit boarding facility in the Sudbury area where your rabbits will be happy, safe and well-cared for, Cottontail Lodge is the only answer."

Holly R  - 16 May 2017

I could not recommend Sue at Cottontail Lodge enough. I was really worried about leaving my furbaby for 3 weeks, but after meeting Sue and having a look around ...I knew I had nothing to worry about. Sue is the kindest lady and has lots of experience and knowledge about bunnies. The pens are immaculate and so well equipped with everything your bunny would need. Lots of indoor and outdoor space to stretch their legs, toys and daily good quality hay. The extra special touch is the updates on Facebook, it was so nice to log on and see pictures of Arthur enjoying himself. And he really did have such a nice holiday - he didn't want to leave! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Sue to anyone, and I definitely wouldn't board my rabbit with anyone else. Thank you for your hard work and dedication Sue, Arthur is already looking forward to his next holiday x

Zoe C  -  9 March 2017

I would whole heartedly recommend cotton tail Lodge. Sue went out of her way to accommodate our logistics and I was overwhelmed at the accommodation provided for her bunny guests. Eric had a marvellous and luxurious mini break and cannot wait to go back. Also as a bunny parent, the photographic updates provided helped put my mind at rest that Eric was happy (he really really was). The best bunny hotel I have ever used.

Penny N16 October 2016

Cottontail Lodge is home from home for your bunnies.  It is peaceful, comfortable and your bunnies needs are catered for on every level.  You couldn’t wish for a more caring, helpful person in Sue as bunnies are her passion and it shows!!  Your buns will most probably have a better holiday than you and wish they could stay??!  Thank you Sue for creating an 5 star retreat for our buns X

Becky T  - 14 September 2016

I would highly recommend Cottontail Lodge! The pens and runs are immaculate and very spacious. It was very comforting to be able to log into Facebook to see daily photos of Honey during her stay. Thank you very much Sue! Xx

Kirsty G  -   5 July 2014

Cottontail lodge is the perfect holiday destination for your bunny! Sue is very friendly, caring & knowledgeable when is comes to bunnies! The set up is every bunnies dream, with perfect size hutches, daily supply of good quality hay, plenty of toys & large runs for them to exercise in. I was nervous about leaving out little guys (biscuit & Gizmo) whilst on holiday but having met Sue & had a good look around I knew they would be well looked after (which they were) & we would have nothing to worry about. Would highly recommend & our little guys will be back again next year for another holiday

Alexandra C  - 24 July 2015

Wonderful bunny holiday home, I cannot recommend Cottontail Lodge enough. This year was the first time my bunny has been boarded so naturally I was nervous about leaving him in an unfamiliar setting however as soon as I met Sue and had a tour of the facilities my mind was put to rest. I would have absolutely no hesitation about boarding at Cottontail Lodge again. Thank you Sue!

Lili R  -  11 October 2015

Lovely and clean bunny boarding. Sue is very dedicated and has fantastic facilities, where our bunnies have enjoyed a couple of holidays. One of the highlights is seeing pictures of your loved pets while you're away, assuring you they're happy and in good hands. We very much recommend it.

Norma L   -  24 December 2015 ·

A lovely place for the bunnies that gives them thoughtful and experienced care, from Sue who always seems to be thinking how to make her precious charges even happier. You can go away knowing they are being looked after by someone who really knows rabbits. The Best!

Jackie Mc  -   16 September 2014

cottontail lodge is such a lovely place to board your rabbits i was totally relaxed leaving my 4 jude ted bramble and meg with Sue she is such a nice lady and knows so much about rabbits the bunnies have nice big runs to play in with everything they need and really good size hutches to sleep in at night you couldn't wish for anything better i wouldn't leave my bunnies with anyone else i love cottontail lodge and my bunnies have a great time thanks for peace of mind Sue its a great place

Pam E  -   22 June 2014

Cottontail Lodge is a beautiful place for bunnies to holiday! Very clean and peaceful. Large runs and plenty of toys to play with. Sue is a genuine caring person. Would recommend to any of my bunny owning friends

Jen L  -   6 February 2016

Max my aged lion head has had a fantastic few days on his hols while we were on ours. 5*** for Sue and her 5*** hotel. Very happy me and bun. Thank you so much. Very highly recommended

Sue J  -  29 October 2014

What a fabulous find for our bunnies! Don't think they would have chosen to come home if asked!! Thanks Sue for looking after them so well.