My Duty and Expectations

When you take your rabbit to a boarding facility it is important that both parties fully understand what is expected.

My duty is to look after your rabbit(s), feed them, keep them clean, safe and as healthy as I can.   I run a warm friendly ship here with lots of love for all our bunny guests.  I give them as much care and  time as I possibly can.   I am lucky enough to not to have to work anywhere else, so this remains my only occupation.   Therefore I am here the majority of time.   No job really expects you to be available 24 hours a day,  7 days a week.  Although this job comes pretty close to it!   I will always try to accommodate my clients wishes the very best that I can, but there is a point whereby I do have to switch off work as we all do.  

If I am forced to cancel a booking you have with me due to an emergency,  I will give you as much notice as I possibly can, refund your deposit immediately and do my utmost to secure you another place at another boarding facility here in Sudbury. 

I do have a wonderful lady called Vanessa who helps me out and covers for me if I have to be somewhere else at times.  I call her the Rabbit Whisperer as she has a special affinity with rabbits.  I know she will look after your beloved pets and my business perfectly and trust her completely.  She lives opposite me and therefore very close to us.  

I expect all clients to have their rabbits fully vaccinated (Nobivac and either Filavac or Eravac or the newer triple vaccine ) in a timely fashion with no overlaps of time.  If you have gone over your booster date it goes back to the beginning and means we will need 4 weeks minimum between vaccination and boarding.  So make sure you get the boosters done well within your booster date.  If you are out of date or the vaccination is not 3 weeks before boarding, I will refuse to board your pet on the day.  I have a responsibility to all the other guests and cannot/will not risk any possible contamination.

I also expect all owners to have any concerns they may have about their rabbits checked out by their own vet before boarding with us.  If I am unhappy with the health of a rabbit on arrival –  I may very well refuse to board it depending on what I feel/believe maybe wrong with your bunny, whether you have a flight to catch or not.  Some conditions are highly contagious and I cannot take the risk I'm afraid.   Remember, at that stage your full balance will not be returned to you as it will be too late to rebook the space -  as per our terms and conditions (please see paragraph regarding cancelling).

If your rabbit is taken ill whilst in my care, I will do everything in my power to contact you or your emergency contact.  I will ensure it is taken care of by either our vet or your own vet (if your vet is local to us) as soon as possible.  Obviously whatever I am doing has to be put on hold if I have to make an emergency vet visit.   There will be times when this may be very difficult to do.  Therefore, in those very rare occasions, I may contact your emergency contact to help out.  This is something you do need to be aware of and prepare for.  So please always make sure your emergency contact is aware they are your emergency contact and is willing to help out in an emergency if I call on them.  It hasn't happened yet, but it may.  If for some reason there is no emergency contact, or they can’t help and I am left with cancelling something very important or I have to call in Vanessa to help out you will be charged extra for this. – depending on how long the care takes etc. the charge could be between £25 - £50  depending on how long we are required to spend dealing with the problem.  However, this would only happen in very extreme circumstances, for example a wedding. 


Under normal circumstances, if we have to take your rabbit to the vets we do not make a charge for this, nor will we charge extra for administering any medication that is prescribed at that visit.  Charges that we make for administering medication or washing/cleaning bottoms are for pre-existing conditions your rabbit arrives with and that we are fully aware of.  Please remember, we are only a boarding facility, not a veterinary surgery so please bear that in mind if your rabbit has a difficult pre-existing condition that requires a lot of attention and care.  I cannot inject a rabbit, and my insurance will not cover for that.


I do expect you to notify me of any pre-existing conditions or problems you have had with your rabbit prior to boarding  (no matter how small) and especially anything that has required a vet visit within 6 - 8 weeks before boarding.  It is unacceptable to present a rabbit on arrival day that has been unwell or has not been seen by the vet, if you haven’t discussed it with me previously.  It doesn't necessarily mean we won't board your rabbit, but it is only fair we are made aware of this beforehand.