Here at Cottontail Lodge we offer two types of accommodation.  Two individual pens in The Lodge (which is fully insulated and boarded out) and The Burrow which is a separate 8ft x 6ft fully insulated and boarded out shed, with attached run (accessed during the day via a pop hole).  This is ideal for house bunnies,  larger groups or bunnies that are used to a lot of space. Each pen in The Lodge has its own large run on concrete which is secured to The Lodge.  Access is gained through a pop hole during the day and one run a specially made tunnel from the Pen.  The pop holes are  closed at night.   Please see our Accommodation page for images.


Both The Lodge and The Burrow have heaters that will be used in the colder months which will keep the accommodations gently warm.  All the runs will have plenty to keep your bunny occupied in – tunnels, large logs, toys and things to climb on. When they are in season we provide Hazel and Apple tree branches to chew on.

Food and water bowls, water bottles and litter trays are provided along with heat pads in the winter if needed and ice packs in the summer.   However, please feel free to bring your own if you feel your rabbit would prefer their own along with any favourite toy or blanket that you feel would help make your bunny feel at home.

We provide copious amounts of high quality Timothy Hay daily, sourced from the UK as a feed hay, and we fill the beds with good quality straw in the colder months.  We also provide fresh greens and fresh or dried  forage daily. 


Due to a rabbit’s delicate digestive system, it is unwise to make any sudden changes to their regular diet as this can cause serious tummy upsets, so we ask that you bring with you just enough of your rabbits usual pelleted feed for the duration of their stay.  No large bags of feed please as we cannot store them. We don't provide any pelleted feed at all.


Health and hygiene is of utmost importance to us here, as it is to the bunnies.  All bunnies will need to be vaccinated against Myxomatosis, RVHD and RVHD2 at least 3-4 weeks before boarding with us if they have not had the vaccine before or they have lapsed with their vaccinations. If they are due their booster and receive it within the due date your bunny can have it up to a week before boarding.   We will not board any bunny that hasn’t had all their vaccinations or one that is showing any illness whatsoever on arrival if it hasn't been discussed with me prior to arrival (please see Terms and Conditions).  All bunnies are thoroughly checked every day whilst they are with us.  We also insist on all bunnies being spayed or castrated regardless of sex or whether they are single or not (Please see Terms and Conditions).

All Pens and The Burrow are cleaned, disinfected and tidied daily with the litter trays cleaned and changed every day, and twice a day if needed.  A deeper clean and thorough disinfection is performed in between boarders so that the Pens and The Burrow are thoroughly clean ready for your bunny’s arrival.

If your rabbit is taken ill whilst in our care we will endeavour to contact you immediately.  If we are unable to make contact either with yourself or your emergency contact we will make the decision to take your rabbit along to our own veterinary surgery – Swayne and Partners in Long Melford for advice and possible treatment.  All costs incurred will be payable by the client to the vet.


If you would like to visit Cottontail Lodge to have a look round and ask any questions you feel you wish to ask and to put your mind at rest, please do not hesitate in contacting us to arrange a suitable time to visit by appointment only.  We will be only too happy to welcome you. 

NOTE:  During the Covid Pandemic we cannot allow clients onto or into the property which makes viewing the facilities impossible.  However, we have provided a video that will give you some idea of how we are set up.


We do advise all bunny owners to go and visit any boarding facility before a booking is made to make sure it fulfils your requirements as you do not want to be disappointed on arrival when it is too late to change your mind!

Please feel free to telephone me to discuss any requirements you have or just to find out a little more about us here.  We are not open for arrivals or collections on Sundays so please bear this in mind when booking your dates with us.

We have a Facebook page where all our boarders play a starring role!  We take photos of the bunnies staying with us and put them on the page so that if you have access while you are away you can keep a check on how they are doing.  At the end of their stay you will be emailed a collage of their holiday photos.  We have a lot of reviews on the page as well as on our website if you wish to see what other people think of Cottontail Lodge.  If you are pleased with the experience your bunny has had with us whilst boarding then please feel

free to leave a review on Facebook or our website here for other prospective boarders looking for reassurance.