Covid-19 Protocols

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we have been asked to implement certain protocols.  This means you cannot come into or onto the property for the time being.  We will only be accepting arrivals on our path outside and the same for collections with one adult only wearing a mask please. 


We cannot accept cloth pet carriers as they cannot be disinfected properly.  They will need to be plastic.  If you have any queries or wish to discuss your rabbits requirements or diet please telephone me the day before or we can have a socially distanced chat outside when you arrive.  


When you arrive in your car, call me on the phone to let me know you are here if I haven't already come outside to greet you.  Please bring the carrier(s) food and any other limited items onto the path.  There will be a polypocket pinned to the fence that will contain your receipt.  Please take the receipt and place the checklist inside the polypocket and step back down to the steps. I will then take the carrier(s) etc to the agreed accommodation. We will disinfect the carrier and store it in our garage until your return.  I will then take some photos of them settled in for you to see and send them to your phone. 


When you come to collect, please call me when you arrive in your car and wait at the bottom of the path for me to bring the carrier(s) and belongings out.  When you come to collect, please wear a mask.  It is advised that you wipe over the carrier with anti bacterial wipes thoroughly before you place it back in your car/house and use hand gel after handling the carrier.  However, this is your choice as to whether you wish to do this or not.  We strongly advise that this would be the safest and best thing to do.


We will wear gloves and shoe coverings at all times that we are in the rabbit accommodations and we have alcohol hand gels in both The Lodge and The Burrow to use between boarders.  We will also limit our handling time with the rabbit(s) to reduce any possible transference from us to your rabbit(s). 

I’m sure you will understand that we have to have these protocols in place to protect us and you in accordance to the regulations that have been given to us by the government.

Unfortunately this makes it difficult for new clients who wish to look around before deciding to board their rabbits with us.  We have put together a small video which you can view to give you some idea of our premises.