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We offer two kinds of accommodation            here at Cottontail Lodge -








The Lodge is a large purpose built building that houses 2 Pens for our rabbit guests - The Warren and The Hollow.  It is fully insulated and boarded out. 

It ensures that your pets are kept safely and secure inside overnight and during the day if they wish to stay inside.  Both Pens have popholes which are opened every morning to allow access to their own run for the duration of the day.  

We have two heaters that can be used in the colder months that will keep The Lodge at a comfortable ambient temperature.  



1.  The Warren  – 7ft 6 x 6ft 6 

 This large pen is housed within The Lodge. which is fully insulated.           There are 2 heaters also in The Lodge that will keep it at an ambient     temperature during the very cold months.  

The Warren has its own 8ft x 5ft run (on a concrete base secured safely to The Lodge. The rabbits have access to their run all day via a pophole from their Pen. The Pens are suitable for up to 3 average sized rabbits, 4 smaller rabbits or 2 French Lops.


2.  The Hollow –  5ft x 5ft

This Pen is also housed in The Lodge. Smaller than the Warren but still adequate for 2 average sized bonded rabbits.  The Hollow has its own 9ft x 4ft run which the rabbits have access to all day via a pophole.  This run is also on concrete and safely attached to The Lodge. 

Unfortunately, these Pens maybe unsuitable for disabled bunnies or bunnies having a bit of difficulty getting around due to arthritis etc. as there are steps in and out of the runs.  However, if they do not use the run whilst staying with us, it wont be a problem.   Please call me to discuss.

The Burrow - 8ft x 6ft  

An independent 8ft x 6ft fully insulated shed with an 8ft x 5ft x 3ft attached run, accessed via a pop hole from the shed.  The Burrow has a heater which keeps is quite warm and snug making it suitable for house rabbits during the colder months. This is also suitable for larger rabbits and larger groups of rabbits or rabbits used to a lot of space.  It is also better suited for disabled bunnies, or ones that have some difficulty getting around, as there are no steps in and out to the run.  The pop hole goes straight out into the run on a level floor.

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