My name is Sue and I have had rabbits since I was a little girl.  In fact my parents had rabbits before I was born,  so I am no stranger to these wonderful, complex little creatures.   Until fairly recently I had my own three beautiful mini lops,  Willow, Merlin and Milo who used to live indoors with us here and were thoroughly spoilt.    Unfortunately over the last few years they have each crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.   They may be gone, but never, ever forgotten.


Cottontail Lodge was born out of a desire to create a safe, clean and happy accommodation for rabbits.  One that I would be happy to board my rabbits at.   I found it extremely difficult to find anywhere in my area that actually accommodated only rabbits.  There were plenty of dog kennels, catteries and places that would accommodate all animals large or small.  However, there were none that just specialised in rabbit boarding.  

Cottontail Lodge is set in a very peaceful garden (well most of the time it is!)  Although we are situated just on the edge of the town, we are extremely quiet here,  apart from the gentle clucking of our chickens.